jnrowe-misc - Gentoo overlay


As of 2014-06-26, the jnrowe-misc repository is shuttered. The environments where I use Gentoo have vanished, and I don’t expect any to arise in the near future. [1]

I plan on maintaining the packages in this overlay for as long as people report bugs, but won’t promise speedy bug resolution.

What this repository really needs is a new maintainer, so if you’re a user it is time to step up!

jnrowe-misc is for packages that don’t naturally fit in to one of my other themed overlays. You’ll find a large selection of Python packages, some tools to make working with git more fun and various other things I can’t live without.

If you find any problems with an ebuild in this overlay either file an issue or drop me an email.


This repository uses thin manifests, which requires a moderately recent version of portage to function correctly( or newer). Using older versions is not supported!

This documentation reflects the overlay state as of 2017-09-02.

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[1]If you want to hear the many and varied reasons, ask me in person the next time we meet at a conference. You’ll be able to enjoy the relentless chadenfraude of my disappointment, and you’ll win yourself a few free beers at the same time.