cupage integration

cupage is used to keep packages in sync with their releases. cupage v0.5.4, or above, is required if you wish to make use of this functionality.

All packages in this repository must have an entry in cupage configuration file support/cupage.conf, and those entries are generated from the watch files in package directories.

watch file format

For packages hosted on one of the hosting sites supported by cupage a watch file can be very simple [1]. For example, the watch file for dev-python/aaargh contains only one line:

site = pypi

The above definition tells cupage to check for updates to the package named argh on PyPI.

For packages where the name differs between upstream and this repository for some reason you must specify the name in the watch file. From dev-python/pyscss:

site = pypi

If the package you are adding is not in the list of supported sites then you’ll need to manually define the watch information. app-misc/weatherspect provides a useful example:

url =
select = td a
match_type = re
match = weatherspect_v[\d\.]+\.tar\.gz

This tells cupage to search the defined URL for a elements that are children of td in the HTML, and to match their href attributes against the match regular expression.

A more thorough explanation of the format and available options can be found in the cupage documentation.

[1]Use --list-sites to see the list supported sites in your version of cupage